Creditum App

The Creditum App is the heart of the system. It allows users to see their account balances at a glance, to move currency (including crypto) between accounts instantly and apply for instant, no-checks-required loans. Everything you need at your fingertips!

Transfer money between fiat and crypto accounts at will at the prevailing exchange rate.

With a few taps, send and receive currency (including crypto) to and from others instantly (subject to the processing delay on the blockchain)

Crypto stored safely in our vault can be pledged as collateral for a personal loan from one of our FCA regulated lenders. The loans can be approved instantly and without credit checks.

Access your funds via the app, the web and our range of credit and pre-paid cards.

Set Alerts for card use, balance, payment reminders etc

Set limits for spending by merchant or merchant type, currency, geographic location

See transaction summaries by date, currency, type of transaction (transfer, store, ATM etc.) or by specific merchants or merchant types (like groceries, or restaurants perhaps).


  • Change pin,
  • Block and unblock your cards if they are lost or stolen,
  • Set-up single use virtual cards. These can only be used for a single transaction, removing the possibility of unauthorised charges and making online purchases from companies or persons you don’t know well much safer.

Use our secure vault for your crypto. It is designed for your peace of mind, so you can be assured your crypto can’t be hacked or stolen. And even if something did happen, your crypto will still be returned to you, because a world-class insurance underwriter is insuring it.