Frequently Asked Questions


Creditum is an innovative lending platform where crypto assets are used as collateral for loans by FCA licensed and regulated brokers.
Creditum accounts work just like your bank account, but with several additional features and advantages. Just like your bank, you can have IBAN accounts, make transfers, draw cash, and have a debit card so you can make purchases wherever major cards are accepted.
Unlike your bank, you can do much more as well.
Firstly, you can have several different currencies, all linked to the same account.
You can instantly and seamlessly transfer funds between currencies.
You can even hold crypto currencies, Creditum treats crypto currencies just like fiat.
You can have a credit card linked to the account, even with a poor credit rating.
You can get a no-checks-required loan secured on your crypto assets.
All this can be controlled on-line or be at your fingertips with our App.
Creditum is borderless, so you can have a Creditum account wherever you are in the world, with some exceptions due to local regulation. (We can’t offer our accounts to United States Citizens or Residents at the moment, for instance).
We do require a normal KYC procedure, but as soon as you sign up and provide the required proof of I.D. and residence, we’ll send you your account details immediately. Get the App and you’re up and running!
  • No credit checks required
  • Repayment to lender guaranteed via multi-signatory smart contracts
  • Lending is not limited geographically, so the market is expanded for loan companies
  • Acceptance of loan applications is faster due to blockchain technology
Borrowers receive a loan in fiat currency up to 60% of the value of their crypto assets. The crypto assets are stored in the Creditum Vault, which is an ultra secure proprietary software platform. The assets remain in the Vault until the loan is repaid at which time they are returned to the borrower.
As a general rule, most lenders will calculate the value of the crypto collateral by assessing the moving average of the crypto currency over the 30 days prior to the loan application. In some cases, should the volatility index of a particular crypto currency be particularly high, the average value may be calculated over a 90-day period.
It’s the key to the Creditum system and having it will put your finances at your fingertips. Please check the Creditum app page for full details.
No. One of the advantages of using the blockchain and smart contracts is that Creditum’s service is borderless. However, due to regulations we are unable to offer loans to US citizens or residents


No, we don’t need to know why you need the money
Yes. No credit checks are needed because the loan is secured by your crypto collateral
Creditum provides personal loans from €1,000 to €50,000. All loans are secured by your crypto collateral.
You can make loan repayments via your Creditum account or from an external account. Creditum’s unique features will include early repayment, the ability to defer the principal repayment and option to switch from monthly to quarterly repayments.
Loan options and terms and conditions, including interest rates, will be set by the individual lender, not by Creditum


Yes, Creditum offers accounts in major fiat and crypto currencies, plus loans in fiat using crypto as collateral. You can have a multi-currency account managed in one place. Please check out the Current Accounts page.
When you open an account it will be ready to use in minutes.
You can top up your account instantly via the Creditum app or website and you can move money between your accounts instantly as well.
Fiat currencies can be held in an IBAN account whilst crypto currencies are stored in our secure digital vault. You can have accounts in a range of currencies.


Creditum offers a range of cards to that are tiered according to different credit and spending limits. Creditum also offers card holders a range of benefits, from cashback to discounts and special privileges. See the Credit cards page
You can use our cards at merchants and ATM networks worldwide.
You can instantly freeze the card account via the app or web.
You can have instant alerts showing when you use your card – or someone else tries to! You can also have a virtual card for one time use only. This offers added security if you are making a payment to a person or merchant you don’t know well and ensures you won’t have any unauthorised charges.
Using the App or online, you will be able to control which accounts, and in what order, are accessed from your card. For instance, you may choose to set your euro account as the primary account and your bitcoin account as secondary. When you make a purchase, the system checks your euro account and if the balance is insufficient, the system will automatically transfer exactly the correct amount of euros to cover the difference from your bitcoin account.
The credit limit depends on the card you have chosen from the Silver, Gold and Black available. The credit limit is set as a percentage of the crypto you have lodged with Creditum. Please look at the credit card page for information about card fees, limits and daily spending limits plus benefits.


Yes. Creditum’s Vault provides licensed lenders and borrowers alike with the ultimate in security. Please check the Creditum Vault page for a full explanation of why the Vault is important and how it works.


You should contact xxxxxx by raising a ticket explaining your problem. We will always endeavour to get back to you as quickly as possible. If you have a technical problem, either with the app or the web, please contact Technical support team