Quick loans for any purpose

Instant personal loans with no credit checks needed. From €1,000 to €50,000 and loan periods of 3 – 24 months.

Problems with getting a personal loan because of a poor credit history, or other reason?

In return for placing your crypto collateral in Creditum’s high security vault, you will be able to get an instant loan from one of our FCA-regulated lenders.

Creditum loans give you unique benefits:

  • Fast loan approval – no credit checks required
  • Anyone* can apply for a loan – you don’t have to be a UK resident or citizen.
  • Easy-to-use dashboard showing all your loan and account details in the App and online
  • Make loan payments via your Creditum account or external account
  • Loan options and terms and conditions, including interest rates, will be set by the individual lender, not by Creditum
  • Unique features will include early repayment, the ability to defer the principal repayment and option to switch from monthly to quarterly repayments.

*Due to regulations we are unable to offer loans to US citizens or residents.