Creditum Current Accounts

Anyone* can open accounts in a range of currencies, fiat currencies can be held in an IBAN account whilst crypto currencies will be stored in our secure digital vault. You will also have the opportunity to open a loan account, if you wish, by pledging accepted crypto currencies as collateral.

Creditum Dashboard

All the functionality of the App will be available online.

A range of account types will be available, each with its own benefits and features. Account holders will also have access to a range of credit cards, for more information on credit cards, see the credit cards page.

Each account will be associated with a pre-paid debit card allowing access to your accounts wherever major cards are accepted including merchants and ATMs worldwide.

Using the App or online, you can control which accounts and in what order are accessed from your card. For instance, you may choose to set your euro account as the primary and let’s say your bitcoin account as secondary. When you make a purchase the system checks your euro account, and if the balance is sufficient, the transaction will be approved as usual. If the balance is not sufficient then the system will automatically transfer from your bitcoin account exactly the correct amount of euros to cover the difference. To do this, of course, the system sells the required amount of BTC on the fly and behind the scenes, at the applicable exchange rate at that moment.

In effect, your pre-paid card is available to use as if you had pre-loaded it with the entire value of the accounts you attach to the cards.

* Certain exceptions apply due to local laws and regulations. In particular we cannot offer accounts to United States citizens or residents.

White Card Account
  • Card Issue fee €10
  • Annual fee free
  • Daily spending limit € 2,500
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit € 500
Blue Card Account
  • Card Issue fee €10
  • Annual fee € 50
  • Daily spending limit € 5,000
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit € 750
Clear Card Account
  • Card Issue fee €10
  • Annual fee € 100
  • Daily spending limit € 10,000
  • Daily ATM withdrawal limit € 1000

Plus! Get 1% Cashback, Hotel upgrades at participating hotels and luxury travel and hotel services, and enjoy full control of your card account online or through the mobile App