The fast, frictionless loans and card payments platform

Creditum is one of the most advanced, complete and secure processing global platform for financial products that put the customer first. Whatever type of business you have, and regardless of size, we will provide you with the fastest frictionless payment solution set-ups, and much more.


Creditum makes it possible for you to pay with fiat currencies at merchants worldwide, and if you need to dip into one of your crypto accounts, Creditum will instantly convert it to fiat for a payment. It couldn’t make owning and using cryptocurrencies any easier.

Creditum offers you traditional finance and DeFi together in a product that allows you to hold fiat and cryptocurrencies in one single account via a smart, user-friendly mobile app. By using the Creditum app, users no longer need a private wallet, or a separate cryptocurrency decentralized exchange account. Creditum enables you to hold all your currencies in one place and use them for lending and borrowing, alongside card payments. It also offers the best interest rates in real time, and gives access to decentralised trading, lending and interest generating tools, as well as other DeFi platforms.

With Creditum, you will have

Creditum offers you a simple, streamlined way to make the most of your spending, lending and borrowing power.

The fast, frictionlessMulticurrency account

The Creditum App is an innovative IBAN account and card solution where you can spend cryptocurrencies and fiat money (Euro) with one card in any merchant where Mastercard is accepted worldwide. You will also have access to an advanced crypto lending service, for when you need cash but don’t want to sell your crypto.

  • Lend, borrow, decentralized exchange your crypto

  • Earn daily interest on your crypto

  • Borrow money by using your crypto as collateral

  • Switch between main currency account and other currency accounts for payments

  • Instantly complete a transaction in € or £ with funds from your crypto account

  • Know what payments you’ve made and received in real-time

  • Change your PIN, lock your card, or adjust your spending limits when you want


Our mission is to take finance into the future by providing products that use the cutting-edge features of blockchain technology, encourage the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, and bring financial freedom to our growing community.

About Creditum

Over the years, the company has grown in step with the many new advances in the global financial environment. We keep abreast of the latest opportunities provided by technology so that we can address the needs of the market, as a provider of innovative financial consumer products.

Creditum Decentralized Exchange

The most secure crypto Trading Platform and Decentralized Exchange for businesses and individuals

An Decentralized Exchange that provides the best security for your digital assets, keeping them according to high security, including cybersecurity, standards. It assures users of financial stability by maintaining liquidity and follows the highest standards of legal compliance, making it the safest place to buy, sell, and manage your cryptocurrency portfolio

Stablecoins and WrappedCryptocurrencies

We are also excited to be offering stablecoins and wrapped cryptocurrencies as Creditum develops. A wrapped token, e.g. WBTC, (wrapped bitcoin) is a tokenized version of another cryptocurrency. It’s pegged to the value of the asset it represents and typically can be redeemed for it (unwrapped) at any point. Wrapped tokens are typically ERC-20 tokens and bring more liquidity to the DeFi projects on the Ethereum blockchain.

A stablecoin is a new class of cryptocurrencies that attempts to offer price stability and are backed by a reserve asset, such as the USD.

For Investors

Creditum is introducing a new, global DeFi lending solution that allows consumers to use crypto holdings as collateral, offering advantages in security, transparency, and accessibility over the traditional system. Through the CRDM security token, Creditum is offering investors an opportunity to have equity in their global lending and banking platform. The CRDM Token is a unique investment in the crypto space and beyond, blending together the best of traditional finance and blockchain technology. Through this native token, CRDM shares % of all net profits with clients in the form of base and loyalty dividends.

STO Summery

Creditum’s STO offers investors an opportunity to have equity in their global lending. Our White Paper contains all you need to know about this excellent opportunity.