Use your card worldwide

Instant access to your multi-currency account, using your Creditum card at merchants and ATMS worldwide.

Money & crypto side-by-side

Hold your fiat and cryptocurrencies togther, easily accessible through the app.

Escape slow
old-skool banking

No more long waits for transfers. Top up your account instantly via the Creditum app.

Complete Financial Control

  • Easily manage all your accounts on the your mobile phone
  • Move funds between accounts instantly
  • Instant real-time transaction notifications and summaries by type, merchant, or currency
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Your Assets Together

  • Multi-currency accounts all managed in one place
  • Euros, Sterling, US Dollar and more
  • Open your account in just a few minutes
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Your Card For Everything

  • A range of cards to meet all your spending needs
  • Exclusive cardholder benefits – from cashback to discounts and special privileges
  • A real solution to spending at merchants and ATM networks worldwide
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Pioneering Security

  • Virtual cards for one-time use only – no more unauthorised charges!
  • If your card is lost or stolen your account can be instantly frozen via the app or online.
  • Instant alerts when you use your card – or someone else tries to!
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