Fraud & Chargeback Prevention

Safeguarding Transactions, Shielding Revenues.

Creditum E-Wallet: Your Personal Gateway to Secure and Swift Payments
Creditum E-Wallet: Your Personal Gateway to Secure and Swift Payments

The Creditum Boasts a Sophisticated Integration of Cutting-Edge Anti-Fraud tools sourced from industry leaders, ensuring a robust and secure payment environment.

Creditum presents an encompassing solution designed to assist merchants in mitigating fraud costs and chargebacks, concurrently optimizing revenue. Our suite incorporates pre-integrated tools for chargeback and fraud prevention, strategically addressing fraudulent cases across all stages—preemptively, in real-time, and post-incident.
This advanced toolkit empowers businesses to proactively manage and mitigate fraud risks effectively. The global network of merchants within Creditum's system collaboratively shares real-time chargeback data, facilitating early identification and prevention of fraudulent activities. This proactive approach enables businesses to implement preemptive measures, safeguarding their operations and reducing the likelihood of chargebacks.
At Creditum, we recognize the critical importance of shielding businesses from the impact of fraud and chargebacks. Our suite of pre-integrated chargeback and fraud prevention tools serves as a comprehensive solution, offering businesses the means to diminish fraud-related expenses and maximize revenue with strategic efficacy.

Streamlinedantifraud measures

Empower your defenses with real-time protection and enhance your ability to combat fraud effectively.

Immediate notifications on chargeback occurs

Elevate Authorization Rates

Revenue Loss

Enhance User Experience through Optimization

Elevate Your Business to New Heights